The Cathedral Complex - Chiese Vive - Chiese Verona

Piazza Duomo - Verona The Cathedral

The Cathedral, which is dedicated to S. Maria Assunta, is the central structure of a complex of architectural buildings which include S. Giovanni in Fonte, S. Elena, the Canons’ cloister, the Capitular library, the square in front of the church and the bishop’s residence.

During the Roman Empire, in the area of the present-day church, there were villas with private thermal baths (balnea) and probably also a few small temples.The first palaeo-christian basilica was built on the area occupied today by the church of S. Elena.

It was consecrated by S. Zeno, bishop of Verona, between 362-380 A.D. but it soon turned out to be too small and a few decades later it was replaced by a larger basilica.

The Cathedral Complex - Chiese Vive - Chiese Verona

Quite a few remains of the mosaic floor of both palaeo‑christian basilicas can be seen under the church of S. Elena and the Canons’ cloister. The second palaeo-christian basilica collapsed, probably during the 7th century A.D., due to a strong fire or maybe an earthquake.

Archdeacon Pacifico was in charge of the reconstruction of the church, between the 8th and the 9th century.

The Cathedral, known by the name of S. Maria Matricolare, was built further south, on the area on which it is situated today.

The church was greatly damaged by an earthquake in 1117 A.D. The reconstruction work lasted at least 20 years: the building acquired its current width and the two romanesque porches.

The Cathedral Complex - Chiese Vive - Chiese Verona
  1. Cathedral
  2. Baptistery
  3. St Helen and Archaeological excavations
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The Cathedral Complex - Chiese Vive - Chiese Verona


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